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HealTab provides Health runners and Concierge care 24x7 to your loved ones in medical conditions, during your absence.

Our Story

Two Founders:

It was 2015. I, Dr. Anamika Sharma had an emergency and was rushed to the hospital. I travelled and handled all running around at the hospital all alone as my family was in Australia. I had friends around who could have helped, but did not want to burden them. But, at the same time I needed someone for my support. On the other hand, my family constantly kept calling from Australia to understand my situation. I understand that they were concerned about me, but in my state of sickness, I wanted someone to handle those calls and update them on my behalf, for their peace of mind, while allowing me space and time.

I survived through my medical emergency but I know how it feels to be all alone, especially in times of medical needs, with no one to run around for you, without any support system in the midst of a situation where the only people I saw were doctors who visit and go or support staffs go about their duties. There was no one I could actually depend on or use as a messenger or for an errand.

In 2016, my cofounder, Prof. Ravinder Gargesh had a similar medical experience, where he had an emergency but had to deal with it single handedly as his family was outside Delhi, India at that time. His students and fellow teachers took care of the running around initially, but not for long as he completed the paper work on his own and also got himself admitted in the hospital. His family joined him soon enough but till that time, he had to go through hassles of hospital paperwork and alongside felt a tad bit of embarrassment in sharing his personal information with his students.

He too survived the ordeal, if I may put it that way, but wished that he had a different set of help around him than what he got – someone more discreet, more professional, someone with whom he could be more himself.

The Idea

In the beginning of 2018, my business consultant Vineet Baveja entered our lives. He heard our stories and it matched with some of his own experiences he had shared with the medical emergencies with his loved ones. Sharing his passion of using internet and networking to make meaningful connections and our experiences in the space of healthcare, we realized a need to create a platform connecting professional companions and runners with clients who need discreet and professional help in a health-related situation.

We ran the idea via surveys and interviews and were overwhelmed with positive and enthusiastic responses confirming our belief that the community needs such a platform.
Embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, HealTab was born. Uday Sharma, with his proficiency in psychology and law, and being the youngest member of the team, adds value in terms of providing valuable perspectives into the operations at HealTab.

The Healtab Community

At the very heart of this endeavor is the community itself.
Anamika Sharma, Ravinder Gargesh, Uday Sharma and Vineet Baveja are using their diverse and cumulative experience in research & development, and connections with people to provide intelligent, compassionate and human help with admin support, while you deal with a medical situation.

Without our community and its willingness to ask for human presence, its support and suggestions to fine tune the services, Healtab would have just remained a dream.
We thank you for your interest and invite you to become a member of the Healtab community.
Sign up either as a member or a companion/ runner.
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Why we are called Healtab?

The Healtab Presence:

It is hard to give a name to that strange feeling at the back of the mind, which says ‘I wish I had someone to talk to at this hour. Someone who will just be there for me, understand me as I am dealing with this medical issue, run around for me - A presence, which can add to healing.’ A tab, which opens a new door of healing- HealTab is your health Concierge.

A membership with HealTab often marks new beginning of meaningful, empathetic and peace-giving working relationships between client seeking companion or a companion seeking clients.

The Right Fit:

It is important to research and judge compatibility and perfect fit between companions/runners and clients. We make the process transparent and easy by putting the profiles online and using up to date software to browse efficiently:

  • Photos
  • Descriptions
  • Expertise
  • Verification
  • Star Ratings
  • Testimonials & Reviews

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Multinational Presence

HealTab understands that a Health Concierge and the services of a runner/ companion is not confined to India and is the need of the International community. HealTab currently operates with operational teams in India and Australia and is looking to move to Dubai (UAE) in 2019. As we spread our wings across borders, we are delighted to have credible Franchises and Channel Partners on board to help spread the word, while the operations of a Health Concierge and Runners/ Companions is still managed by the parent firm HealTab. HealTab currently operates in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Patiala while in Australia it covers Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth.


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Vineet Baveja

Head - Brand Marketing & Growth

Vineet Baveja

Head - Brand Marketing & Growth
Digital marketing company  in gurgaon

Dr. Anamika Sharma


Dr. Anamika Sharma

Digital marketing company  in gurgaon

Dr. Pr. Ravinder Gargesh


Dr. Pr. Ravinder Gargesh


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