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Concierge and runners for coordination of emergency Healthcare Services

It is quite simple and helpful. You stay away or virtual while we stay alongside your needy loved ones in cases of medical procedures and conditions.

Call the Health Concierge

Our Health Concierge is available 24x7 and helps you with a range of support and coordination services during medical needs.
* Multi-Lingual Concierge
* Help book Medical Appointments
* Communicate and Coordinate with Hospitals, Doctors, Labs and Pharmacies on your behalf
* Arrange for Health Runners at short notices
* Collate and communicate medical records if authorised by you
* Stay connected with the loved ones through health procedures
* Coordinate payments on your behalf to the Healthcare partners
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Book Health Runner Services

Our Health Runners help you with every medical errand support possible during those times you need him/ her the most (in absence of your loved ones)
* Multi-Lingual runner team ensures personal attention and understanding
* Physically accompany the patient when needed
* Coordinate with Concierge to arrange transportation and logistics
* Physically coordinate with Hospitals, Doctors, Labs and Pharmacies
* Run around for medical errands and formalities
* Keep live Communication with the loved ones
* Help coordinate payments to Health Care partners, on your behalf
* Help transport and collect medical records on behalf of the loved ones
* Dedicated runners allocated for long-term Members
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Communication with Health Care Providers, the Patient and Loved ones

Coordination and communication is important in the absence of the loved ones.
* Update the loved ones with live-tracking the patient through medical procedures and beyond.
* 24x7 coordination or as required
* Concierge and Runners coordinate and communicate through medical formalities and errands
* Medical Records collated and transported
* Round the year support and health schedules for Members
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Safeguard your loved ones with our Annual Memberships to avail amazing healthcare support benefits.